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American Brick Company

The American Brick Company (AMBRICO ) manufactures the three most reliable thin brick systems currently produced anywhere!

Castaic Brick

Great Brick begins with great clay. Castaic Brick stands atop one of the world's most generous deposits of top quality brickmaking clay. Since its founding in 1950, bricks made from this clay have won the company a reputation for quality and service.

Clover Creek Brick Company

Clover Creek produces Queen, Modular and Engineer Modular sized Tumbled Face brick for residential projects and commercial projects looking for a more rustic look. Clover Creek also haa a Tumbled Thin Brick line that is available in all face brick colors, perfectly matched.

Endicott Thin Brick

The unique clays found only in Jefferson County, Nebraska, make it possible for Endicott to produce a wide variety of thin bricks that are nationally recognized for their quality and aesthetic beauty.

Glen Gery Brick

Founded in 1890, Glen-Gery Corporation is the largest molded brick and fifth largest brick manufacturer in the U.S. Glen Gery holds the distinction of an honored and trusted name in brickmaking throughout the building industry.

Higgins Brick Company

Higgins Brick Company is a leading manufacturer of architectural, commercial and residential brick products. Founded in 1927, the Higgins family has been an innovative force in the development of a dynamic industry.

Innovative Brick Systems

Innovative Brick Systems, LLC is dedicated to providing quality brick liner and related products to the concrete panel construction industry.

McNear Brick Company

McNear opened for business in 1868, based on the idea of supplying building products that meet the customer's needs. Since that time, McNear has become the leader by offering a one-stop shopping concept where customers can get clay brick, clay pavers, interlocking concrete pavers, retaining wall systems, and fireplaces from a single source.

Metro Thin Brick

METRO®BRICK manufactures TBX Grade Architectural Thin Brick to be used with the following systems: Precast Concrete Panels, Tilt-up Concrete Panels, Prefabricated Metal Panels, Field Applied Systems/Applications and Cast in Place Concrete Elements.

Owensboro Brick Company

Crafting quality thin brick, panel brick and full-size brick, and delivering it with unsurpassed customer service, have been the hallmarks of Owensboro's 50+ year history in the brick manufacturing business. The Brickettes® the name of their thin brick and panel brick products are made with a state-of-the-art Tecni-Ceram kiln along with traditional brick making techniques to deliver a beautiful array of long lasting bricks and brick veneers.

Pacific Clay Brick Company

Along with many historic "ceramic firsts", such as double-bullnose, mini-brick, ruffled-texture and others, Pacific Clay continues to meet the needs of its customers by creating innovative brick designs and colors. Pacific Clay Products remains the dominant supplier of clay products in Southern California, and on fine architectural jobs across the country.

Summitville Thin Brick

Summitville, America's leading floor brick producer, offers Thin Brick in 14 colors. Thin Brick is made from select clays and shale chosen for their relative purity, fired strength and proven service characteristics.

Tabbs Wall System

TABSII offers a state of the art, cost effective engineered support system, for thin brick, thin tile and thin stone.

Universal Brick Systems

LOXON is a unique patented metal panel system that provides a method for applying thin brick to exterior and interior walls. The LOXON panel is engineered with exclusive features that "lock on" the brick, mortar, and adhesive.