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Why Thin?

Why Specify Thin
  • Construction costs are less.
  • Less structural steel due to reduced weight of wall assemblies.
  • Less rigid structure, can specify walls to L/360 versus L/600 for traditional masonry.
  • Fewer subcontractors on the wall. Typically one subcontractor can install stucco, eifs, thin brick, and thin stone which reduces scaffolding, coordination, and flashing issues.
  • Thin wall assemblies allow for a continuous layer of insulation board to used around the perimeter of the building.
  • Walls are at least 6" thinner, increasing interior wall square footage on the same slab, or decreasing slab size to obtain same interior square footage.
  • Simplified flashing details. Weather resistant membranes can be applied and adhered to each other providing a continuous weather plane.
  • Different sets of LEED points can be obtained depending on materials being specified.